Tembo Cloud Overview

Tembo Cloud is the best place to use Postgres with extensions. You can choose from over 200 different Postgres extensions hosted on Trunk, and Tembo is committed to helping users successfully use any Postgres extension on Tembo Cloud.

Our mission is to make Postgres the best place to store all kinds of data. We offer a selection of pre-built, use-case-specific Postgres configurations, known as Stacks. For example, we have a specialized Stack for Vector data and another for Timeseries data. Read more about Stacks in our blog or in our documentation.

Even if you are not interested in extensions, Tembo has a lot to offer. Tembo Cloud is a fast and stable Postgres as a service offering. We aim to keep managing Postgres as simple as possible for our users while offering world-class customer support.

Tembo Cloud has a no-card-required free tier. If you’re interested, please try Tembo Cloud today!


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