Find in Settings > Instance Settings


Not recommended for production instances.

In the Instance Settings view, toggle the Spot setting, then click Save.

What is Spot?

Spot is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) feature that offers discounted EC2 instances for fault-tolerant workloads. Amazon will provide the user with an EC2 server, but may reclaim the server with two minutes of warning. This means any workload running on a Spot server might get moved to a different server with only two minutes of warning from AWS.

How does this work on Tembo Cloud?

Tembo Cloud offers the Spot option for running at a cheaper cost. Tembo charges 30% less for CPU and Memory on instances with Spot enabled. If Spot instances are not available from AWS, Tembo will automatically move your servers with Spot enabled to an on-demand EC2 instance with no additional charge.

Tembo Apps associated with your instance will also run on Spot when Spot is enabled.

The downtime associated with a Spot relocation is typically less than 10 minutes, usually 3-5 minutes when High Availability is disabled.


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