Tembo Cloud Billing

You only use what you need, so you should only pay for what you need.

Our usage-based model is designed to scale with your growth, offering both hobby (free) and production (paid) instances.

Billing Structure

Usage-Based Model: We bill you for production instances based on three primary resources: CPU, memory, and storage.

  • Hobby Instances: Enjoy free usage with limited resources - perfect for development and testing.
  • Production Instances: Charged based on resource consumption. Find detailed costs in the below table.

Note: You can install and enable as many extensions and apps as you like in both hobby and production instances.

Pricing Details

ResourceCost per HourCost per Month
1 vCPU$0.07391$53.95
1Gi Memory$0.00549$4.01
1Gi Storage$0.0002$0.146
  • High Availability (HA): Enabling HA for your instances doubles the resources allocated for redundancy, effectively doubling the cost. HA ensures higher uptime and reliability, particularly beneficial for critical applications.

  • Users: You can add as many users as is needed to your organization without additional costs.

Billing Cycle and Charges

  • No Immediate Upfront Charges: Changes in compute resources are billed at the start of the next billing cycle based on the previous period’s resource hours.
  • Multiple Instances: All instances are aggregated into one invoice, broken down by instance.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: New production instances come with a 14-day free trial (or up to $300 usage).

Monitoring and Managing Your Billing

  • Usage and Invoices: Check your usage and view draft invoices on the Usage page in your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I try it for free? Our developer plan is free to use for as long as you want with full access to apps and extensions. However, the hobby tier is limited to 0.25vCPU and 1Gi Memory. We also offer a 14-day free trial (up to $300 usage) on paid tiers for new accounts.
Do you offer support? There are multiple ways to get support from our team. You can join our Slack community, email us at support@tembo.io, or use the Intercom “message us” feature on our website. We respond to most messages within 24 hours (and often faster!).
How is pricing for Tembo Cloud calculated? You can see the pricing in the pricing details section above. Pricing is calculated based on instance size (compute, memory, and storage) and HA (if enabled). If you have both hobby and subscription instances, you will only be charged for the subscription instances.
What is my billing cycle? We bill for usage on the first of each month, but if you’re interested in pre-payment or other payment schemes, email us at support@tembo.io
Can I change my subscription level? Upgrading from free to paid is easy. Just select your desired instance size in the settings then follow the prompts to add a credit card (if you don’t already have one on file). If your current storage is 10Gi, then you can downgrade by reducing your compute and memory to the hobby tier (0.25vCPU, 1Gi). If your current storage is greater than 10Gi, then your instance cannot be downgraded. We recommend just creating a new instance on the hobby tier, or contact us at support@tembo.io for more detailed guidance.
What payment methods do you accept? We partner with Stripe to process payments. Stripe accepts all major credit cards.
Can I pay for more [usage/performance] if needed? Yes, we support scaling up of instances. Just select your desired CPU in the settings and follow the prompts to add a credit card (if you don’t already have one on file).
If I don't run any queries, will I still be charged? Yes, we bill based on the instance size, but we provide metrics so that you can monitor your usage levels.
How do I drop my instance? You can delete your instance in Settings > Instance Settings. Please note that deleted instances cannot be recovered.
Are there any commitment-based discounts? All current accounts (as of January 3, 2024) will be given a lifetime pricing discount. We also offer discounts based on volume and commitment level. For more information on discounts at Tembo, contact us at support@tembo.io
Do you offer discounts for startups or non-profits? At this point, we do not have a formal program of discounts for startups or nonprofit organizations. However, we sometimes provide discounts depending on the specific project or use case. Send us a description of your project and use case to support@tembo.io and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.


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