Tembo Self Hosted


While our flagship product is Tembo Cloud, we also provide a self-hosted version for various use cases.

Tembo Self Hosted

Tembo Self Hosted is a version of the Tembo Platform that runs in your own Kubernetes cluster. It allows you to benefit from the same features as Tembo Cloud, but with the added control and security of running the software in your own environment.

Tembo Self Hosted is made up of the same components as Tembo Cloud, but packaged and distributed in a way that allows for easy installation and management. Instead of running in separate Kubernetes clusters, the components run in a single Kubernetes cluster. This keeps your total cost of ownership low and makes for a simple and easy-to-manage deployment.

Configurability is a key feature of Tembo Self Hosted. The platform comes with a set of default configurations and components for convenience, but you can easily customize the platform to suit your needs. Example configurations include:

  • Enabling a private extension registry
  • Using your authentication provider of choice
  • Using your existing ingress, monitoring, and logging solutions


Tembo Self Hosted is packaged and distributed as a Helm chart. The chart can be configured to suit your needs and installed in your Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager. The installation process is simple and can be done in a few steps.

  1. helm repo add tembo https://tembo-io.github.io/tembo-self-hosted
  2. helm install tembo-self-hosted tembo/tembo-self-hosted

Releases and Upgrades

Tembo Self Hosted is released on a regular basis, with new features, bug fixes, and security updates:

  • Patch releases with bugfixes every 2 weeks
  • Minor releases every 3 months
  • Major releases every 12 months

Upgrading Tembo Self Hosted is as simple as running helm upgrade with the new version of the Helm chart. The upgrade process is designed to be seamless and non-disruptive to your running workloads.


Tembo provides support for the installation, configuration, and operation of Tembo Self Hosted. Our support team is available to help you with any Tembo Self Hosted issues you may encounter and to provide guidance on best practices for running the platform in your environment.

Kubernetes cluster management is not included in our support offering, but we can provide guidance on how to manage your Kubernetes cluster to ensure the best performance and reliability of the Tembo Platform.

We encourage Tembo Self Hosted users to upgrade to the latest patch release as soon as possible to benefit from the latest bug fixes and features. Minor release N will be supported until 1 month after the release of minor release N+2. For example, if you are running release 24.1.0, you will receive support until 1 month after the release of minor release 24.3.0.

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