Transform boolean type to and from PL/Perl.

bool_plperl is a C-based transformation extension that allows conversion between PostgreSQL- and Perl-native boolean values.

When should you use it?

bool_plperl should be considered when writing or using PL/Perl functions within PostgreSQL that involve boolean values. This extension ensures that boolean values from PostgreSQL are properly interpreted in Perl and vice versa, eliminating potential logical errors.

Example use case.


A public library wants to check if a particular book is available for borrowing by means of a PL/Perl function. Due to the boolean value interpretation differences between PostgreSQL and Perl, they use the bool_plperl extension to make this process seamless.

Example test script.

-- Sample table for library books
CREATE TABLE library_books (
    book_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    title text,
    is_available bool

-- Populate the table with a sample book
INSERT INTO library_books (title, is_available) VALUES
('The Great Gatsby', true),
('To Kill a Mockingbird', false),
('Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales', true);

-- Create a PL/Perl function to check book availability
CREATE FUNCTION is_book_available(book_title text) RETURNS bool
AS $$
  my ($book_title) = @_;
  my $rv = spi_exec_query("SELECT is_available FROM library_books WHERE title = '$book_title'");
  return $rv->{rows}[0]->{is_available};
$$ LANGUAGE plperl;

-- Test the function
SELECT title, is_book_available(title) as available_status FROM library_books WHERE title = 'The Great Gatsby';

title             | available_status
 The Great Gatsby | t
(1 row)


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