Tembo for Startups

Growing my startup with the Postgres doesn't get any better, or more affordable, than this.

- Startup CEO

Program Overview

Tembo for Startups provides Tembo Cloud as a rich Postgres-based data services foundation for high-potential early-stage startups. Through an extensive catalog of Tembo Stacks and open source extensions, Tembo aims to unlock the full power of Postgres to your developers.

The program features heavy discounts for the first year, and ongoing discounts as you scale.

About Tembo

As startups grow, they can find themselves spending thousands per month on a fast-growing sprawl of data vendors. Our aim is to help you fight back against this.

Postgres (and its assimilation of 25+ years of database innovation) is the perfect tool to battle this; It is open-source, extensible, flexible, and available from many vendors (therefore, somewhat lock-in resistant).

However, most managed Postgres vendors provide a stripped-down version of Postgres that restricts developer creativity. Or a few specialized vendors provide a managed offering around a specific use case, but not a full spectrum of use cases.

Tembo is “multi-workload” Postgres and aims to integrate the entire Postgres OSS ecosystem, providing developers confidence to use Postgres however they like. It also packages and tunes Postgres for common use cases, as an open-source library of Tembo Stacks.

Available Tembo Stacks

Type Name Replacement for
Transactional OLTP / Standard Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL
Message Queue Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ, Redis
Mongo Alternative on Postgres MongoDB
AI Vector DB Pinecone, Weaviate
RAG LangChain
Machine Learning MindsDB
Analytical Data Warehouse / OLAP Snowflake, Bigquery, Redshift
Geospatial ESRI, Oracle
Timeseries InfluxDB, TimescaleDB
info Want to know more?

If you'd like to dig deeper into why we started the company and our vision, read the Tembo Manifesto.


Startups eligible for up to 50% off year one

  • Raised funding up to $2 million
  • Associated with one of our approved VC, Incubator, or Accelerator partners
  • Get 25% off in the second year, and 15% off ongoing

Startups eligible for up to 25% off year one

  • Raised funding over $2 million
  • Have not raised Series B or beyond
  • Associated with one of our approved partner organizations
  • Get 15% off ongoing

Startups eligible for up to 15% off ongoing

  • Associated with one of our approved entrepreneurial organizations

Why join?

  • Premium-level software — Tembo is a Postgres platform with all the tools you need for OLTP, Data Warehousing, OLAP, AI, ML, time series, message queue, and other database use cases.
  • 24/7 customer support — Between in-app support, community Slack, an extensive knowledge base, you’ll have everything you need to get up and running quickly. Tembo’s customer support team is always ready to help with all your technical questions.
  • Hundreds of extensions, apps, and stacks — Tembo Cloud integrates the very best from the Postgres ecosystem, and provides a Tembo Stack for common Postgres use cases. Best of all, the Tembo Stack ecosystem is entirely open-source, so if we don’t have what you need, you can help get it added to the platform.


  1. Signup for an account at Tembo Cloud.
  2. Complete the startup application (if your partner is not listed, please direct them to the section below).

Become a Tembo Partner

Become a Tembo Partner to unlock a substantial discount on our products for your member companies.

Joining is a very quick process:

  1. Complete the partner application. We'll process your application right away.
  2. (optional) Share this page to your members/portfolio with a message similar to the following: