Goodbye Database Sprawl,

Hello Postgres.

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Instantaneous Backend

Auto Api

Auto API Endpoint

Use on any Stack

Build any workload on Postgres

Deploy on our cloud or yours

Spatial Data Processing

Vector Store

Local Search & Recommendations

Built on GIS Stack

Columnar Big Data

Vector Store

Analytics Data Warehouse

Built on Data Warehouse Stack

Ship faster with a lower TCO

Deploy sidecar apps & services

Vector Embeddings

Vector Store

Vector Search & RAG

Built on Vector Stack

High volume message processing

Vector Store

Real-time Notifications

Built on Message Queue Stack

200+ Stacks & Extensions


Build any application on Postgres, the everything database

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100% Postgres,

the most beloved database on earth

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Community Extensions



Developer Choice Database

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Packed with 200+ Extensions

Why Tembo?

Reduce Sprawl

Consolidate your data stack without cost or lock-in worries.

Fully Extensible

200+ extensions and counting means Tembo can be whatever you need it to be.

External App Support

You’re not limited to just extensions—we also enable a growing library of extensions that can be deployed alongside your instance.

Developer Friendly

Intuitive interface lets you build data services like you build applications.

Postgres, not "Postgres-Compatible"

If you can do it on Postgres, you can do it on Tembo.

One Vendor, Fully Managed

A zero-headache, end-to-end data service right from day one. We give you solutions, not just tools.

Open Source

We’re committed to helping build the future of Postgres.

Develop Locally, Unleash Anywhere

Develop and deploy your application in a local environment, and easily run it on the cloud.

Use-case Optimized

Stacks are pre-made, customized “flavors” of Postgres + extensions designed for common application needs.