Announcing Tembo Series A

Jul 3, 2024 • 4 min read

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We’re excited to announce that Tembo has raised a $14M Series A round, to fuel our mission to make it as easy as possible for developers to more easily access the entire Postgres open source ecosystem. We are building an exciting alternative to existing universe of relatively-limited managed Postgres offerings, and an alternative to the growing sprawl of databases and database tools offered by the major clouds.

We are thankful to our Series A investors:

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Providing an alternative to the growing data tool sprawl

There are now hundreds of databases available in the market, in fact db-engines lists 421.

421 databases at db-engines

We believe that many developers would love an open-source, multi-workload data platform to simplify their lives and work, especially if it doesn’t restrict their freedom.

Organizations, meanwhile, want reliability, flexibility, and a options out of the spiraling costs and vendor lock-in attempts. We belive there’s an obvious solution that ticks all the necessary boxes: Postgres.

info Postgres is the world's favorite database

Postgres, the world’s most beloved database according to StackOverflow with millions of deployments, features a permissive OSS license, and a huge community.

It efficiently manages SQL and JSON queries across diverse workloads, handles low latency, high throughput analytical cases, offering HTAP-lite capabilities through window functions and foreign data wrappers. Known for its extensibility and ACID compliance, it stands out as a reliable and cost-effective system.

Even better, its extensibility has resulted in a wide ecosystem of add-ons and plugins for GIS data, image processing, vector databases, and more, with some extensions evolving into companies like CitusDB and Timescale. In short, everything you’d want and then some.

The AI/LLM explosion demands a data platform rethink

Due to the explosion of AI and its data demands, every organization is rethinking their data platform.


Developers want to choose Postgres

They really do. Postgres grew up as a transactional database, but devs know that it can now be used for analytical and AI workloads.

But the sad news is that for non-OLTP use cases, Postgres doesn’t win many bake-offs, vs. specialized tools. It’s a shame. Nobody had been working to give developers the product and the ammo they need to choose Postgres for all the newer data use cases.

Until now…

One Postgres platform to rule them all

Tembo is available as a fully-managed SaaS and as self-hosted Kubernetes-based software, providing a single unified platform that comes with unprecedented Postgres expertise and support across a wide range of use cases.

And we’ve added convenience features such as:

  • 200+ available Postgres extensions
  • columnar data storage
  • tiered storage
  • in-cluster embedding and LLM services
  • a lot more

This provides teams the ability to build modern data products with maximum security, real time data access, and absolute data sovereignty.

Developers will easily be able to deploy different flavors of Postgres to multiple clouds and regions, with advanced options such as auto-scaling, auto-pausing, and auto-tuning under active development.

Join the movement—some closing talking points

Our vision isn’t complete, but it’s compelling and includes:

  • Postgres isn’t just a database; it’s a powerful platform capable of anything from simple applications to complex data ecosystems.
  • Tembo provides a Postgres-managed service that enables organizations to harness the full power of the popular open-source database Postgres for transactional, analytical and AI workloads across any cloud, anywhere.
  • By making it easy for developers to access the entire Postgres open source ecosystem, we’re also enabling organizations, from Fortune 500 to startups, to feel confident going “all in” on Postgres, achieving unprecedented stability and efficiency across various applications and use cases.