Announcing Tembo Cloud GA

Jan 10, 2024 • 3 min read

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After a year of hard work by our 🔥amazing team🔥, we’re proud to announce the general availability (GA) of Tembo Cloud, a managed Postgres service that unlocks the full power of the Postgres ecosystem.

Tembo Cloud currently provides 194 Postgres extensions and 9 Tembo Stacks that make it easier to use Postgres for non-typical workloads such as vector search, ML, data warehousing, message queue, geospatial and more.

Our motivation

As we outline in the Tembo Manifesto, the modern data stack has become a sprawling landscape of tools. Each promises a solution to a data problem, yet collectively they contribute to ever-growing complexity.

A number of memes have emerged in recent years like just use postgres and postgres for everything — but in truth it’s very hard to use Postgres for anything other than its “vanilla” OLTP use case.

You get stuck at finding which extensions to use, how to install and put them together, and how to configure Postgres appropriately for that use case. And even if you figure it all out, it’s a big challenge to sell internally vs. using the “best of breed” tool from the modern data stack.

What is Tembo Cloud?

See a demo of Tembo Cloud in action along with a sneak peek of our beta CLI:

Our objective is to make it easy for developers to access THE WHOLE POSTGRES ECOSYSTEM, not just a thin sliver that’s easy for us to support.

To that end, we’ve built:

To support Tembo Cloud, we have also shipped a number of open source building blocks:

We even created a few open source Postgres extensions that we needed:

What does GA mean?

Our GA release is both a milestone and a commitment to our users and the broader development community. We’ve listened, adapted, and refined our platform to deliver a solution that’s not only powerful but also intuitive and user-friendly.

  • We’ve introduced a transparent, flexible pricing model as well as a free option.
  • We now provide a higher level of customer support and uptime commitment.

And good news, our roadmap is public - see to vote for your favorite ideas and add your own suggestions :)

Next step — try it for free

Every account includes:

  • A 14-day trial (or $300 spending limit), and
  • Unlimited quantity of free hobby-tier instances

Sign up at - we’d love to help you go deeper into Postgres. And send us feedback at support [at] tembo [dot] io.

-The Tembonauts

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