Tembo for Enterprises

Tembo gives me peace of mind that our databases are deployed with backups and HA, and the simplified deployment and self-service models with the Tembo control plane help me avoid enterprise ticketing delays. And the ecosystem of Tembo Stacks creates a single data language for many use cases like vector search, high write, analytics, and message queueing.

- Director of Engineering, Fortune 50 Company


Enterprises can find themselves spending many millions per year on a growing sprawl of data vendors. Our aim is to help you fight back against this.

Postgres (and its assimilation of 25+ years of database innovation) is the perfect tool to battle this; It is open-source, extensible, flexible, and available from many vendors (therefore, somewhat lock-in resistant).

However, most managed Postgres vendors provide a stripped-down version of Postgres that restricts developer creativity. Or a few specialized vendors provide a managed offering around a specific use case, but not a full spectrum of use cases.

Tembo is “multi-workload” Postgres and aims to integrate the entire Postgres OSS ecosystem, providing developers confidence to use Postgres however they like. It also packages and tunes Postgres for common use cases, as an open-source library of Tembo Stacks.

info Want to know more?

If you'd like to dig deeper into why we started the company and our vision, read the Tembo Manifesto.

Some ways we can help...

  • If you have a team self-hosting Postgres (perhaps against their desire) because they are doing something that managed Postgres providers don't support, we can rectify this.
  • If you have a team managing a large number of Postgres clusters, but feel that they are wasting money because the clusters are over-provisioned (not adapting to workloads), we are building a game-changing solution for Postgres fleet management they should have a look at.
  • If you'd like to consolidate a wide range of database workloads to Postgres, and accomplish that through a single vendor, we should talk.
  • If you'd like to productionize LLMs/RAGs at the lowest possible cost, we can show you how Postgres may be your best bet.
  • If you need the flexibility and security of self-hosted Postgres, but would prefer a polished developer SaaS experience, we offer a hybrid solution that provides the best of both worlds.
  • If you want to use Postgres for more — for time series, for data warehousing, for vector search, with bottomless storage, for message queue, as an API (what?) — let's talk.
  • If you need a simple transition path to the cloud for your data workloads, we offer a very flexible and powerful solution.
  • If you need to lock down standards on how your developers use Postgres, for security or any other reasons, we have a solution for this (custom Tembo Stacks).


Vector Store

Enterprise Deployment Modes

  1. Open-source
    • No subscription or license required
    • Run Tembo Operator/Stacks in your K8s cluster
  2. Shared Control Plane / Multi-Tenant Data Plane (aka full-SaaS)
    • Subscription required
    • Currently available on AWS only
    • Azure + Google Cloud coming soon
  3. Software
    • Subscription required
    • In your cloud, or on-prem
    • Fully Private Control Plane + Data Plane(s)

Additional modes, coming soon:

  1. SaaS Control Plane / Dedicated Data Plane
    • Subscription required
    • We manage a dedicated data plane for you (in our account, on AWS, Azure, or GCP)
  2. Shared Control Plane / Private Data Plane
    • Subscription required
    • BYO Kubernetes cluster as Tembo Data Plane
    • You install Tembo Operator, enterprise key
    • Data plane phones home to Tembo Control plane for work (requires network egress)


If you'd like to schedule a walk-through or consultation, please reach out to:

Brad Kirn
Head of Growth, Tembo