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Running the Tembo Operator Locally

The Tembo Operator allows you to run multiple Tembo Stacks on Kubernetes. This guide shows you how to set up the Tembo Operator on your local machine and provides an example of spinning up and connecting to a local Postgres instance hosted on Kubernetes.

This tutorial requires the following prerequisites:

Step 1: Clone the repo

Clone the Tembo Stacks Repo.

git clone

Step 2: Navigate to the tembo-operator directory

cd tembo-stacks/tembo-operator

Step 3: Start the Kubernetes cluster

just start-kind

Step 4: Install the Tembo Operator into the Kubernetes cluster

just install-chart

Step 5: Deploy a Tembo Stack instance

Choose a Tembo Stack you would like to use.

Here we are using sample-machine-learning.yaml, but there are other samples.

kubectl apply -f yaml/sample-machine-learning.yaml

Step 6: Obtain connection password

Get your connection password and save it as an environment variable.

export PGPASSWORD=$(kubectl get secrets/sample-machine-learning-connection --template={{.data.password}} | base64 -D)

Step 7: Expose the service to localhost

kubectl port-forward svc/sample-machine-learning-rw 5432:5432

Step 8: Connect

Connect to the running Postgres instance:

psql postgres://postgres:$PGPASSWORD@localhost:5432

Step 9. Enjoy and ask questions!

Any questions? Feel free to ask our team in our Slack Community or email